IISER Chemistry Sample Question Papers 2019 Aptitude Test

IISER Chemistry Sample Question Papers 2019 Aptitude TestIISER Chemistry Sample Question Papers 2019 Aptitude Test.

Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research  IISER Chemistry 2019  Model Question Papers 2019 IISER Chemistry Sample Question papers IISER Chemistry Mock Test Question Paper for 2019 Exam, This IISER Chemistry Question are based on the syllabus but here some of the question may out of syllabus, just for your better exam IISER Chemistry Exam preparation.

Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISER Chemistry) 2019 exam Model Paper 2019 will help all the students for their IISER Chemistry exam preparation, here the IISER Chemistry Sample question 2019 are MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this IISER Chemistry Model question paper 2019 in pdf file format you can download it in FREE, if IISER Chemistry Sample Paper 2019 in text format you can download IISER Chemistry page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

IISER Chemistry Sample Question Papers 2019 Aptitude Test.

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A black mineral A on heating in air gives a gas B. The mineral A on reaction with H2SO4 gives a gas C and a compound D. Bubbling C into an aqueous solution of B gives white turbidity. The aqueous solution of compound D, on exposure to air, with NH4SCN gives a red compound E. The compounds A and E respectively, are:
A. PbS and Pb(SCN)2.
B. NiS and Ni(SCN)2.
C. FeS and Fe(SCN)3.
D. CoS and Co(SCN)2.

Which among the solutions given below will not show a change in pH on dilution?
(I). 0.1MNH4COOCH3, (II). 0.1 M NaCl, (III). 0.1 M NH4OH, (IV). 0.01 M H2SO4.
A. I and II. B. I, II and IV. C. I and III. D. III and IV.

Which of the following methods is suitable for the preparation of 1; 3; 5-tribromobenzene from benzene?
A. (i) AlBr3=Br2, light (ii) separation of isomers.
B. (i) HNO3=H2SO4 (ii) Sn=HCl (iii) Br2 (iv) NaNO2=HCl (v) C2H5OH; .
C. (i) HNO3=H2SO4 (ii) NaBH4 (iii) Br2=CH3COOH (iv) NaNO2=HCl (v) H3PO2.
D. (i) HNO3=H2SO4 (ii) H2=Pd (iii) NaNO2=HCl (iv) CuBr=HBr.

What is the potential of a cell containing two hydrogen electrodes, in which the anode is in contact with 105M HCl and the cathode is in contact with 1000 times the concentration of HCl as that of the anode?

A. 0:36 V. B. 0:18 V. C.

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