ABACUS Technical question Paper 2009

ABACUS Technical question Paper 2009 Placement Papers.

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ABACUS Technical question Paper 2009.

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  15. Buffering is 
a) the process of temporarily storing the data to allow for small variation in device speeds
b) a method to reduce cross talks
c) storage of data within transmitting medium until the receiver is ready to receive.
d) a method to reduce routing overhead. Ans : (a)

 16. Memory allocation of variables declared in a program is
a) allocated in RAM. b) allocated in ROM. c) allocated on stack.
d) assigned to registers. Ans : (c)

 17. A software that allows a personal computer to pretend as a computer terminal is 
a) terminal adapter b) bulletin board c) modem d) terminal emulation
Ans : (d)

 18. Find the output of the following program
int *p,*q;
p=(int *)1000;
q=(int *)2000;
printf(“%d”,(q-p)); Ans : 500

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