Alumnus Technical question Paper 2012

 Alumnus Technical question Paper 2012Alumnus Technical question Paper 2012 Placement Papers.

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Alumnus Technical question Paper 2012

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To identify a member element of a structure we use :
a. dot (.) operator
b. plus(+) operator
c. * operator
d. & operator

When the structure is accessed through pointer then we use to access member elements by
a. Dot (.) operator
b. * operator
c. operator
d. & operator

We can create array of structure:
a. Yes
b. No

The data structure has the following components
a. Algorithm, storage structure and function of implementation
b. Algorithm, data type and function of implementation
c. Function, storage structure and program
d. Algorithm, data structure and program

In linked list, the successive element
a. Must occupy contiguous locations in memory
b. Need not occupy contiguous space in memory
c. Must not occupy contiguous locations in any situation
d. None of the above

Link pointer variable in linked list contain address of the
a. Following node in the list
b. Current node in the list
c. First node in the list
d. None of the above

Which of the following liner list structure allow both insertion and deletion at only one end?
a. Queue
b. Stack
c. Circular queue
d. d) None of the above

Pick out invalid statement from following : Queues can be used for
a. The line printer
b. Access to disk storage
c. Function call

In Stack we insert data from:
a. Front End
b. Rear End
c. Both End
d. Top End

The Stack overflow occurs when
a. When stack contains maximum elements
b. When stack contains minimum elements
c. When stack contains half of the maximum elements
d. When stack is empty

Stack maintains the algorithm

 The stack is easy to maintain by
a. Array
b. Link List
c. Structure
d. Union

Application of Stack is :
a. Function Call
b. Storage data in memory
c. Dynamic memory allocation
d. Structure definition

When PUSH operation is done then
a. TOP=TOP+1
b. TOP = TOP-1
c. TOP=-1
d. TOP=0

When POP operation is done then
a. TOP=TOP+1
b. TOP = TOP-1
c. TOP=-1
d. TOP=0

We can change the insertion position of the Stack
a. Yes
b. No

In the Sack STACK_SIZE is :
a. Fixed
b. Variable

A stack cannot be used to
a. evaluate an arithmetic expression in postfix form
b. implement recursion
c. convert infix form to postfix from of an expression
d. allocate resources by operating system

If the in-order pre-order traversal of a binary tree are D,B,F,E,G,H,A,C and A,B,D,E,F,G,H,C respectively then post order will be:
a. D,F,G,A,B,C,H,E
b. F,H,D,G,E,B,C,A
c. D,F,H,G,E,B,C,A
d. C,G,H,F,E,D,B,A

Stack is useful for implementing breadth first search
a. True
b. False

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