Amdocs Interview Question Paper

Amdocs Interview Question PaperAmdocs Interview Question Paper 2013 Placement Papers.

Amdocs Job 2013 Placement Interview question paper with answers Amdocs 2013 Interview question with solution you can download it in FREE, if Amdocs  2013 test paper in text or pdf for Amdocs 2013 Answer Keys you can download Amdocs for fresher  MBA/ B.Tech / M.Tech 2013 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

Amdocs Campus 2013 exam recruitment Interview question paper Free Download PDF is available in which has been provided by many students Amdocs Placement paper for 2013 paper is available for all the students in FREE and also Amdocs Placement Interview question paper for fresher  B.Tech MCA 2013 fully solved Amdocs 2013 with answer keys and solution.

Amdocs Interview Question Paper

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1. Technical Interview
The panel was very cool.. actually one thing I want to tell u that just leave interviews in the hands of God because its not known what they will ask in interview.. u just read your comfortable subjects and rest leave on god..
Well my first question was are u very tired?
Then hobbies
Ur fav subject-i told OS n C.
Then they asked me abt semaphore,write code for it, explain give a practical ex where u will implement semaphore?done with this easily
Then they asked deadlock-i answered
Relation between semaphore n deadlock. i was not able to ans properly.they were not satisfied with my ans this time.
ask me abt projects if i hv done any.i said i hv made a small site on asp.then they asked its functionality, ADO databse connection etc of which i answered half of questions properly.

an int  datatype of 1 byte.
int x=0;
what is o/p.
I answered wrong. o/p will be an infinite loop, he helped me to ans this. its given in kanetkar find out how.

2. HR Interview
Mine was only for 10 minutes.. they just ask simple questions.. nothing to worry about that but you should know about Amdocs very well… just visit the site of Amdocs n note down every point n also in ppt.. But be sure that if u have a dream to be placed in Amdocs then prepare for it very consistently because to clear it u need good preparation.

Dont take it as time pass as it is equally prepared with general hr questions.then only u can get through it.
ques were very general like why amdocs, tell me about yourself, weakness, strength, family background,relocation etc.
it was for around 20 min

It seems to be very long and drilling process but if u are confident and keep yourself fresh its easy to clear all round.

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