ECET Computer Science Question Papers 2012 APCET

ECET Computer Science Question Papers 2012 APCETECET Computer Science Question Papers 2012 APCET.

Andhra Pradesh Engineering Common Entrance Test (ECET) 2012 Computer Science question paper with answers ECET  Computer Science  2012 Question with solution you can download it in FREE, if  ECET Computer Science  2012 paper in text or pdf for AP ECET Computer Science 2012 Answer Keys  you can download AP ECET 2012 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

Engineering Common Entrance Test (ECET) 2012 Computer Science Question paper Free Download PDF is available in which has been provided by many students this Andhra Pradesh ECET 2012 paper is available for all the students in FREE and also AP ECET Computer Science question paper 2012 fully solved ECET with answer keys and solution.

ECET Computer Science Question Papers 2012 APCET

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 Potassium metal and potassium ions
(I) both react with water (2) have the same number of protons
(3) both react with chlorine gas (4) have the same electronic configuration

5.85 gms of sodium chloride were dissolved in water and the solution madeupto 100 ml in a standard flask. 10 ml of this solution were pipetted out into another flask and made up with distilled water into tOO ml of solution. The concentration of the sodium chloride solution now is 
(1) 0.1 M (2) 1.OM (3) O.SM (4) 0.25M

Concentration of a 1.0 M solution of phosphoric acid in water is
(1) 0.33N (2) l.ON (3) 2.ON (4) 3.ON
Which of the following is a Lewis acid?
(1) Ammonia (2) Berylium chloride
(3) Boron trffluoride (4) Magnesium oxide

 Which of the following constitutes the components of a buffer solution?
(1) Potassium chloride and potassium hydroxide
(2) Sodium acetate and acetic acid
(3) Magnesium sulphate and sulphuric acid
(4) Calcium chloride and calcium acetate

 Which of the following cannot be used for the sterilization of drinking water?
(1) Ozone (2) Calcium Oxychionde
(3) Potassium Chloride (4) Chlorine water

A water sample showed it to contain 1.20 mg/litre of magnesium sulphate. Then, its hardness it terms of calcium carbonate equivalent is 
(1) 1.0 ppm (2) 1.20 ppm (3) 0.60 ppm (4) 2.40 ppm

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