CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship Sample Paper 2019-2020 with Marking Scheme

CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship Sample Paper Marking SchemeGet latest CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship Sample Paper 2019-2020 with Marking Scheme. From the following table students may download CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship Marking Scheme also. All of these previous year CBSE Class XII Entrepreneurship Sample Paper are provided by Central Board of Secondary Education India.

CBSE Class XII Entrepreneurship Sample Paper 2019-20

1. Name the two things that are taken care in a reorder point?

Ans. Lead time and Demand during lead time.

2. Deepak Ltd., has been manufacturing cycles since 2010. Their market share in this field is 35%. They decided to introduce new cycles with advanced gear systems in 2015. For the same they estimated their financial requirements to be 20 crore.
They decided to raise the same through a limited number of sophisticated investors. Identify this kind of issue?

Ans. Private placement

3. Rishabh lives in Vijay Nagar, a residential colony near Delhi University (DU). Being close to DU this area is a hub for students who come from outside Delhi to study here as they find good accommodation with Tiffin service readily available. Rishabh has a vacant residential building there. He found it to be an attractive economic idea to start a Paying Guest House. He knows that he has a good market because of the location of his building. State the other requirement he has to ensure before opting for this opportunity.

Ans. The rate of return on the investment has to be attractive to be accepted by him.

4. Explain the first two elements in the innovation process?

Ans. 1. Analytical planning: carefully identifying the product or service features, design as well as the resources that will be needed.
2. Resource organization: obtaining the required resources, materials, technology, human or capital resources.

5. Rohan a budding musician created a lot of musical notes for his upcoming video. He was extremely thrilled to listen to his compositions. He presented his compositions to his friend Victor. The release of musical video of Rohan was getting delayed for a few months due to shortage of cash. Meanwhile Victor used most of the musical compositions of Rohan in his video.
Rohan was extremely upset to know that his friend had cheated him and used all his work. What could have Rohan done to save his work? Identify and explain it. 

Ans. Rohan should have copyrighted his work. It gives the creator of original work exclusive rights to it, usually for a limited time.

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