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GATE Physics (PH) Previous Year Question Paper 2015

GATE PH Question Papers 2015Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2015 Physics (PH) Previous year question paper with answers GATE Physics (PH) 2015 Question with solution you can download it in FREE, if GATE Physics (PH) 2015 paper in text or pdf for GATE Physics (PH) 2015 Answer Keys you can download GATE 2015 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

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GATE Physics (PH) Question Papers 2015

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GATE Physics (PH) Question Paper 2015 Download PDF File:

1. In Bose-Einstein condensates, the particles

  • (A) have strong interparticle attraction
  • (B) condense in real space
  • (C) have overlapping wavefuntions
  • (D) have large and positive chemical potential

2. For a black body radiation in a cavity, photons are created and annihilated freely as a result of emission and absorption by the walls of the cavity. This is because

  • (A) the chemical potential of the photons is zero
  • (B) photons obey Pauli exclusion principle
  • (C) photons are spin-1 particles
  • (D) the entropy of the photons is very large

3. A point charge is placed between two semi-infinite conducting plates which are inclined at an angle of 30o with respect to each other. The number of image charges is ______________

4. The lattice parameters a, b, c of an orthorhombic crystal are related by abc  2 3  . In units of a, the interplanar separation between the (110) planes is __________ (upto three decimal places)

5. The mean kinetic energy of a nucleon in a nucleus of atomic weight A varies as An, where n is ______________ (upto two decimal places)

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