JAM Question Paper 2019-20 GG (Geology)

JAM Question Paper 2019-20 GG (Geology).

JAM Question Paper 2019-20 GG (Geology)JAM GG – Geology 2019-20 Question Paper test papers will be fully objective type. This JAM GG (Geology) 2019-20 Question will help all the students for their exam preparation, here the question type is MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this JAM GG – Geology 2019-20 question paper in pdf file for IIT JAM GG – Geology you can download it in FREE, if Joint Entrance Examination (JAM) 2019-20 paper in text for JAM you can download JAM 2019-20 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

JAM Question Paper 2019-20 GG (Geology)

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1. Which one of the following minerals exhibits luminescence when exposed to ultraviolet light?

  • (A) Cassiterite
  • (B) Wolframite
  • (C) Tantalite
  • (D) Scheelite

2. In which one of the following mass extinction periods trilobites became extinct?

  • (A) Devonian
  • (B) Permian
  • (C) Triassic
  • (D) Cretaceous

3. En-echelon singmoidal ‘gash’ veins indicate

  • (A) ductile shear zone
  • (B) brittle-ductile shear zone
  • (C) brittle shear zone
  • (D) saddle reef structure

4. Which of the following primary sedimentary structure is NOT used for palaeocurrent analysis?

  • (A) Current crescent
  • (B) Flute marks
  • (C) Symmetrical wave ripples
  • (D) Imbrication of pebbles

5. The age of the Patcham Formation is

  • (A) Permian
  • (B) Triassic
  • (C) Jurassic
  • (D) Cretaceous

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