JAM Question Paper 2019-20 PH (Physics)

JAM Question Paper 2019-20 PH (Physics).

JAM Question Paper 2019-20 PH (Physics)JAM PH – Physics 2019-20 Question Paper test papers will be fully objective type. This JAM PH – Physics 2019-20 Question will help all the students for their exam preparation, here the question type is MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this JAM PH – Physics 2019-20 question paper in pdf file for IIT JAM PH – Physics you can download it in FREE, if Joint Entrance Examination (JAM) 2019-20 paper in text for JAM you can download JAM 2019-20 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

JAM Question Paper 2019-20 PH (Physics)

JAM PH – Physics 2019-20 Question paper Free Download PDF is available in www.oldquestionpapers.net which has been provided by many students this Joint Admission Test i.e. JAM PH – Physics 2019-20 paper is available for all the students in FREE and also JAM Physics 2019-20 question paper fully solved i.e. with answer keys and solution.

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01. There are three planets in circular orbits around a star at distances a, 4a and 9a, respectively. At time 𝑡 = 𝑡0, the star and the three planets are in a straight line. The period of revolution of the closest planet is T. How long after 𝑡0 will they again be in the same straight line?

  • (A) 8T
  • (B) 27T
  • (C) 216T
  • (D) 512T

02. Let 𝑇𝑔 and 𝑇𝑒 be the kinetic energies of the electron in the ground and the third excited states of a hydrogen atom, respectively. According to the Bohr model, the ratio 𝑇𝑔⁄𝑇𝑒 is

  • (A) 3
  • (B) 4
  • (C) 9
  • (D) 16

03. The plane of polarisation of a plane polarized light rotates by 60o after passing through a wave plate. The pass-axis of the wave plate is at an angle α with respect to the plane of polarisation of the incident light. The wave plate and α are

  • (A) λ⁄4, 60o
  • (B) λ⁄2, 30o
  • (C) λ⁄2, 120o
  • (D) λ⁄4, 30o

04. Consider an ensemble of thermodynamic systems, each of which is characterized by the same number of particles, pressure and temperature. The thermodynamic function describing the ensemble is

  • (A) Enthalpy
  • (B) Helmholtz free energy
  • (C) Gibbs free energy
  • (D) Entropy

05. Consider a convex lens of focal length f. A point object moves towards the lens along its axis between 2f and f. If the speed of the object is 𝑉𝑂, then its image would move with speed 𝑉𝐼 . Which of the following is correct?

  • (A) 𝑉𝐼 = 𝑉𝑂; the image moves away from the lens.
  • (B) 𝑉𝐼 = − 𝑉𝑂; the image moves towards the lens.
  • (C) 𝑉𝐼 > 𝑉𝑂; the image moves away from the lens.
  • (D) 𝑉𝐼 < 𝑉𝑂; the image moves away from the lens.


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