DRDO Mechanical engineering Question Paper Technical Assistant, Admin and CEPTAM Post Exam Model Paper 2019-20

DRDO Mechanical engineering Question Paper Technical Assistant, Admin and CEPTAM Post Exam Model Paper 2019-20

Defence Research and Development Organisation  (DRDO) Mechanical engineering  CEPTAM 2019-20 For Mechanical engineering DRDO Mechanical engineering  Model Question Papers 2019-20 DRDO Sample Question papers DRDO  Technical Assistant and Admin Post Exam Mock Test Question Paper for 2019-20 Exam, This DRDO Mechanical engineering  Question are based on the syllabus but here some of the question may out of syllabus, just for your better exam DRDO Mechanical engineering Exam preparation.

Defence Research and Development Organisation  (DRDO) 2019-20 for CEPTAM Mechanical engineering  DRDO exam Model Paper 2019-20 will help all the students for their DRDO Mechanical engineering  exam preparation, here the DRDO Sample question 2019-20 are MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers,

DRDO Mechanical engineering Question Paper Technical Assistant, Admin and CEPTAM Post Exam Model Paper 2019-20

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1. A hydraulic press has a ram of 15 cm diameter and plunger of 1.5 cm. It is required to lift a mass of 1000kg. The force required on plunger is nearly equal to
a) 100N                  b) 1000N                     c) 10000N                      d) 1ON

2. If the stream function is given by Ψ= 3xy, then the velocity at a point (2, 3) will be
a) 7.21 unit                b) 18 unit           c) 10.82 unit                         d) 54 unit

3. The correct sequence of the centrifugal, pump components through which the fluid flows is
a) Impeller, Suction pipe, Foot valve and strainer, Delivery pipe
b) Foot valve and strainer, Suction pipe, Impeller, Delivery pipe
c) Impeller, Suction pipe, Delivery pipe, Foot valve and strainer
d) Suction pipe, Delivery pipe, Impeller, Foot valve and strainer

4. The relation p  = constant, where y is the ratio of the specific heats of ideal gas, is applicable to
a) Any adiabatic process                                                                                                                    b) Only reversible adiabatic process
c) Only irreversible adiabatic process                                                                                               d) Only isothermal process

5. Across a normal shock
a) static pressure and the static temperature rise                                                            b) entropy remains constant
c) velocity and static pressure decrease                                                                                         d) density and temperature decrease

6. A necessary precaution in selection of pumps for parallel operations is that
a) H-Q characteristics of both should be identical
b) Both pumps should be centrifugal type
c) Both pumps should be identical
d) There should not be change from positive to negative slope In H-Q curve

7. A metallic cube of side 10 cm, density 6.8 gm/cc is floating in liquid mercury (density 13.6gm/cc), with 5 cm height of cube exposed above the mercury level. Water (density 1 gm/cc) is filled over this, to submerge the cube fully. The new height of cube exposed above mercury level is
a) 4.6 cm                   b) 5.4 cm                        c) 5.0 cm                            d) 5.8 cm

8. The pressure drop for a relatively low Reynolds number flow in a 600 mm, 30 m long pipeline is 7OkPa. What is the wall shear stress?
a) 0 Pa                       b) 1400 Pa                            c) 700 Pa                       d) 350 Pa


9. The radiative heat transfer rate per unit area (W/m2) between two plane parallel grey surfaces (emissivity 0.9) maintained at 400 K and 300 K is (Stefan Boltzmann constant σ = 5.67 x 10 W/m2k4)
a) 1020                      b) 464                           c) 812                                  d) 567

10. At the eye tip of a centrifugal impeller, blade velocity is 200 m/s while the uniform axial velocity at the inlet is 150 m/s. If the sonic velocity is 300 m/s, then the inlet Mach number of the flow will be
a) 0.75                         b) 0.66                             c) 0.90                                d) 0.83


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