Pune University M.Sc. Biotechnology Entrance 2020

Pune University M.Sc. Biotechnology Entrance 2020Pune University M.Sc. Biotechnology Entrance 2020.

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Students admitted to the programme are eligible for the award of M.Sc. degree in Biotechnology on successful completion of the course. There are 100 credits to be completed by a student.

The main thrust areas of the centre are quantitative aspects in Biology with core courses in Biological Chemistry (including Biochemical and Biophysical methods), Cell Biology, Computer Programming, Biomathematics and Statistics, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology, Virology and Bioinformatics which are offered in the first two semesters. In the
later two semesters, more specialized and advanced courses, namely Genetic Engineering, Tissue Culture (Animal & Plant), Stem Cell Technology, Genomics and Proteomics, Structural Biology, Chemical Synthesis and Screeing, Plant Biotechnology, Biochemical Engineering are offered. The fourth semester courses also include a seminar course and research project

The department has six faculty members and well established research laboratories. A number of Ph.D. and Post doctoral students work in various research programmes of the Department which are as follows:

Pune University M.Sc. Biotechnology Entrance 2020

1. Molecular biology of regulation of protein synthesis during cytoplasmic stresses.
2. Regulation of protein synthesis in Leishmania donovani and screening of plant based bioactive molecules with therapeutic properties.
3. Molecular diagnosis for hematological disorders.
4. Proteomics – parasites and microbes.
5. Understanding the mechanism of heavy metal bioremediation at molecular level and Nanobiotechnology
involving microbes.
6. Secondary metabolite production in vitro in plants. The department has active interaction with the neighbouring Departments and National Laboratories. Scientists from NCCS, NCL, NIV, NARI, ARI etc. are involved in our teaching program.

Fees to be paid at time of Admission: Rs.22657/- (Approx.)
Contact Address: Prof. J. K. Pal,
Department of Biotechnology,
University of Pune,
Pune – 411007
Phone No. : 020-25694952, 25692248
Fax No. : 020-25691821
E-mail : jkpal@unipune.ac.in

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