UGC NET 2008 Paper I Question Papers

UGC NET 2008 Paper I Question PapersUGC NET 2008 Paper I Question Papers.

National Eligibility Test (NET) By UGC 2008 Paper I Question Papers with Answers For December and June 2008 NET Exam Paper with Solution Free Download PDF on Teaching & Research Aptitude.

1. According to Swami Vivekananda, teacher’s success depends on
(A) Ills renunciation of personal gain and service to others
(B) 1 us professional training and creativity
(C) I us concentration on his work and duties with a spirit of obedience to God
(D) I us mastery on the subject and capacity in controlling the students

2. Which of the following teacher, will he liked most
(A) A teacher of high idealistic attitude
(B) A loving teacher
(C) A teacher who is disciplined
(D) A teacher who often amuses his students

 3. A teacher’s most important challenge is
(A) To make students do their home work
(B) To make teaching-learning process enjoyable
(C) To maintain discipline in the class room
(D) To prepare the question paper

4. Value-education stands for:
(A) making a student healthy
(B) making a student to get a job
(C) inculcation of virtues
(D) all-round development of personality

5. When a normal student behaves in an erratic manner in the class, you would
(A) pull up the student then and there
(B) talk to the student after the class
(C) ask the student to leave the class
(D) ignore the student

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