UGC NET 2009 Paper I Question Papers

UGC NET 2009 Paper I Question PapersUGC NET 2009 Paper I Question Papers.

National Eligibility Test (NET) By UGC 2009 Paper I Question Papers with Answers For December and June 2009 NET Exam Paper with Solution Free Download PDF on Teaching & Research Aptitude

The University which telecasts interaction educational programmes through its own  channel is
(A) Osmania University
(B) tJniversitv of Pune
(C) Annamalai University
(D) Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOtJ)

2. Which of the following skills are needed for present day teacher to adjust effectively  with the classroom teaching’?
1. Knowledge of technology
2. Use of technology in teaching learning
3. Knowledge of students’ needs
4. Content mastery

(A) l&3 (B) 2&3 (C) 2.3&4 (D) 2&4
3. Who has signed an MOU for Accreditation of Teacher Education Institutions in India ?
(C) UGC and NCTE (D) NCTE and IGN()U

 1. Good evaluation of written material should not be based on:
(A) Linguistic expression
(B) Logical presentation
(C) Ability to reproduce whatever is read
(D) Comprehension of subject

2. Why do teachers use teaching aid ?
(A) To make teaching fun—filled
(B) To teach within understanding level of students
(C) For students’ attention
(D) To make students attentive

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