GATE CE Question Paper 2006

GATE CE Question Paper 2006GATE CE Question Paper 2006.

GATE i.e. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering Civil Engineering 2006 Exam has been conducted by IISc Bangalore IIT Bombay IIT Delhi IIT Guwahati IIT Kanpur IIT Kharagpur IIT Madras IIT Roorkee. This GATE CE 2006 examination is the procedure to get the admission in M.Tech

GATE Civil Engineering i.e. CE Question Paper, This GATE CE 2006 Question will help all the students for their exam preparation, here the question type is MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this GATE CE 2006 question paper in pdf file for GATE CE you can download it in FR CE, if GATE Civil Engineering 2006 paper in text for GATE CE you can download GATE CE 2006 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

GATE CE Question Paper 2006

GATE CE 2006 Question paper Free Download PDF is available in which has been provided by many students this GATE Civil Engineering 2006 paper is available for all the students in FR CE and also GATE CE 2006 question paper fully solved i.e with answer keys and solution.

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3. The necessary and sufficient condition for a surface
to be called as a free surface is
(a) no stress should be acting on it
(b) tensile stress acting on it must be zero
(c) shear stress acting on it must be zero
(d) no point on it should be under any stress

8. The range of void ratio between which quick sand condition OCCUS in cohesionless granular soil deposits is
(a) 0.4 — 0.5 (1,) 0.6 — 0.7
(c) 0.8—0.9 (d) 1.0—1.1

10. Which of following statement is NOT true in the context of capillary pressure in soils?
(a) Wkr is under tension in capillary zone
(1’) Por(’ water pressure is negative in capillary
(c) Effective stress increases due to capillary pressure
(d) Capillary pressure is more in coarse grained soils

12. To provide safety against piping failure, with a factor of safety of 5, what should be the maxirfium permissible exit gradient for soil with specific gravity of 2.5 and porosity of 0.35?
a) 0.155 (b) 0.167
(c) 0.195 (d) 0.213

13. Identily the FALSE statement from the following:
The specific speed of the pump increases with
(a) increase in shaft speed
(1) increase in discharge
(c) decrease in gravitational acceleration
(d) increase in head

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