CTET Question Paper June 2011 with Answers For Paper II

CTET Question Paper June 2011 with Answers For Paper IICTET Question Paper June 2011 with Answers For Paper II (Class VI to VIII) Upper Primary Teacher.

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Directions : Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate option.
1. A creative learner refers to one who is
(1) very talented in drawing and painting
(2) highly intelligent
(3) capable of scoring consistently good marks in tests
(4) good at lateral thinking and problem solving

2. Individual learners differ from each other in
(1) principles of growth and development
(2) rate of development
(3) sequence of development
(4) general capacity for development

Which of the following statements is incorrect about Social Science ?
(1) Social Science encompasses diverse concerns of society, including historical, geographical, economic and political dimensions
(2) Social Science creates and widens human values such as freedom, respect for diversity, etc.
(3) As Social Science deals with people, the nature of enquiry is not scientific
(4) Social Science lays the foundations for an analytical and creative mindset

Which of the following is not a source material for writing oral history ?
(1) The anecdotes of a person who participated in the ‘Quit India Movement’
(2) A British soldier’s oral account of the Sepoy Mutiny
(3) The memories of a person who migrated to Pakistan from India at the time of Partition
(4) A scholar talking about today’s education system

Which of the following statements about the title of NCERT History textbook, ‘Our Pasts’, as expressed by the authors, is not correct ?
(1) It is about the pasts of neighbouring countries
(2) It does not talk about the times of kings and queens only
(3) It tries to bring out contribution of various groups or communities like farmers and artisans
(4) It emphasizes the notion that India does not have just ‘one past’ but ‘many pasts’

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