Aricent Syllabus Placement Exam Selection Process Aricent Technologies 2013

Aricent Syllabus Placement Exam Selection Process Aricent Technologies 2013Aricent Syllabus Placement Exam Selection Process Aricent Technologies 2013 Exam Question Pattern Latest Aricent Placement Exam Syllabus.

Aricent Interview Question Placement Exam Aricent Technologies 2013

  • 1 Written test
  • 2 Critical incident form filling
  • 3 GI (group interview)
  • 4 Tech interview + critical incident interview
  • 5. Comprehension
  • 6. E-mail writing 



  • This time the pattern was different. This test was consisting of 4 sections. each paper will be given 1 after another there was sectional cut-off. so be careful.
  • 1st was Analytical Ability test including puzzle test + statement – assumption + logical reasoning + statement – conclusions + figure series etc. puzzle section was quite difficult n time taking n others easy. 30 questions were there.
  • 2nd section was Aptitude test having 20 ques. which was very very easy. I managed to do them within 10 minutes.
  • 3rd was Data structure which had 20 questions regarding time complexity of sorting algorithm like quick sort, merge sort also time complexity if an array consists of some particular no of elements through binary search(O(log2 n=? if n=10). and questions from linked list, tree (which tree is used in binary sorting). This DS section was very very easy I took only 5 minutes to do all d ques. So read DS very carefully, that ll help you both in written test as well as in interview.
  • In 4th test one has 2 opt for C or C++ or Java as you strong accordingly. I chose C. there ll be 30 questions. So practising test your C skill by kanetkar ll help u a lot. One thing keep in mind that there is sectional cut-off n a good marks obtained in this round will help u much more in the selection procedure. 21 out of 120 qualified for the next round. fortunately I was one of them. after the written test, all the remaining stages are open to the selected candidates.


  • After written test, we had PPT. then all candidates selected through written test were given a form  having around 7 critical situation based questions and you have to answer all the ques within 30 mins. like:
  • 1> give a recent experience where you had some proposal but you are enforced to change your opinion while working in a team
  • 2> give your one recent situation while working in a team that you have managed to do some tasks at a time
  • 3> while working in a group, how did you manage yourself to accomplish a task where you have no preliminary idea about that.
  • 4> how did you make your team members understand a task, while they had no knowledge… etc.


  • PACKAGED FOOD IS A GOOD IDEA” (as compared to the mid-day meals or hot meals delivered to school going children)
  • Topic was “Too much Cricket is killing the Game”
  • other Topics : “Global Warming”, “Junk Food”, etc ..


5) Comprehension.

  • They will give u 10-15 mins to read the comprehension. And after that questions will b given to you n comprehension paper will not be with you at that time. My topic of comprehension was on new software for user authentication.

6)Email Writing

  • here in 10-15mins are given to you to write an professional email.

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